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Vine Street Corridor

CLIENT: Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation (3CDC)

LOCATION: Cincinnati, OH

SCOPE: Audit/Analysis & Conceptual Exploration

STATUS: Completed 2014

Human Nature led a multi-disciplinary team through the audit and analysis of the existing conditions along the Vine Street Corridor, in order to fully understand the unique challenges and opportunities that would inspire conceptual design exploration. Building upon a vision statement, objectives, and knowledge gained during the initial Audit / Analysis phase, the Conceptual Exploration process yielded a broad spectrum of enhancement opportunities - from detailed materials and furnishings to bold infill and programming strategies that will truly transform the Vine Street Corridor and elevate it to one of Cincinnati’s greatest streets... our meridian. The organizing concept for the corridor is inspired by existing and potential programmable spaces and their relationship to civic assets within the urban core. The over-arching strategies for Vine Street are two-fold - moving the corridor from good to great, and creating a connected series of improvements that are scale-able and can be implemented over time.

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