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Co-Founders Chris Manning 

and Gary Wolnitzek in 1995.

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Human Nature Office in Eden Park, Cincinnati, OH

Human Nature, established in 1995, was created to focus upon the planning and design of public open spaces and open space systems (parks, preserves, trails, greenways, streetscapes, playgrounds, nature play environments, gardens, and public art). At the heart of our practice is the commitment to creating and building meaningful places for people to connect with and enjoy nature and celebrate community. We believe these places offer the best opportunities for communities to express themselves through a celebration of cultural and natural resources. Additionally, we provide design services for environmental planning, urban design, natural resource restoration and management, institutional and educational campus design, green infrastructure design, and interpretive features.

A majority of our work is from satisfied clients either as repeat business or through their recommendations to others. Fortunately, our reputation in the Greater Cincinnati Area has led us to expand into the broader region, working in Missouri, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Maryland to name a few. We continually strive to meet or exceed our client’s expectations through all of our projects.


At Human Nature, our practice follows our values:

Sustainable/Regenerative Design

Strive to heal and restore the land and our relationship to it.

Awareness + Inclusivity

Practice informed decision-making.

Dialogue Between People & Land

Practice design as an act of celebration, not problem-solving.


Maintain a local / regional focus to the site.

Environmental Design Symphony

Pursue multi-disciplinary collaboration.

Excellence + Value

Focus on quality from design through construction.

Plant the Seeds

Educate ourselves and others.

Explorer vs. Expert

Practice design as a process of discovery.

Systems Thinking

Weave the region together with our work.

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