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UC Stormwater Demonstration Program

CLIENT: Metropolitan Sewer Distric of Greater Cincinnati (MSDGC)

LOCATION: Cincinnati, OH

SCOPE: Master Planning & Design

STATUS: Completed 2011

Human Nature worked with Strand Associates to investigate the impacts of stormwater runoff from the University of Cincinnati’s (UC) Uptown Campuses on the existing combined sewer system. Progressing through three phases: (1) Campus Stormwater Inventory; (2) Conceptual Opportunities Alternatives; and (3) CSO Control Plan, the Project Team identified stormwater management strategies for reducing the volume of stormwater runoff entering the combined sewer system from West Campus. Potential strategies include innovative BMPs, stormwater separation, stormwater off-loading, and retrofits to existing underground detention tanks. The proposed stormwater management controls have the potential to capture 50 million gallons of stormwater annually.

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