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Sunrise & Sunset Parks

CLIENT: Five Rivers MetroParks


SCOPE: Master Plan; Schematic Design

STATUS: Completed 2021

Human Nature led a multi-disciplinary team including the Office of James Burnett (OJB) and Stantec to create a cohesive overall vision that connects Dayton’s western riverfront and builds upon the names of Sunrise and Sunset as companion parks, while also providing unique features that make each side its own destination. The design would complete an urban core loop and engage with the river and Wolf Creek confluence using the proposed bridge, terracing, pathways, restoration, gardens, art, ecology, and nature education/recreation. The parks celebrate local culture and history as a linear gallery of public amenities while enhancing the river corridor ecology with strategies that increase habitat, specifically for birds, and improve water and air quality. The plan protects the intent of the Miami Conservancy District’s flood control measures while also allowing more vegetation and ecological benefits.

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