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Mt. Adams Monastery Chapel Garden

CLIENT: Towne Properties

LOCATION: Cincinnati, OH

SCOPE: Master Plan Through Construction

STATUS: Completed 2016

AWARDS & PUBLICATIONS: Cincinnati Business Courier: “Peek inside Cincinnati’s newest upscale event center.” (New Entrance and Courtyard for Holy Cross Monastery and Church in Mount Adams). May 27, 2016

PHOTO CREDIT: J. Miles Wolf, JMM Photography, Human Nature

Human Nature collaborated with Towne Properties and Bayer Becker to create an historically sensitive chapel garden and plaza to complement the newly renovated monastery chapel. Careful consideration to the timeless geometric and relational principles found to govern both the site and the architecture informed the design process. The outcome of such a robust exploration is a garden plaza that adds renewed vitality to the hilltop enclave while celebrating the unique characteristics that make the historic landmark an icon. The chapel garden features architecturally-responsive paving, water table-inspired site walls, Tuscan columns and fountain, custom metalwork, and lush gardens.

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