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Louisville Loop

CLIENT: Louisville Metro Parks

LOCATION: Louisville, KY

SCOPE: Sub-Area Master Plan Through Design Development

STATUS: In Progress

Human Nature collaborated on the preliminary alignment and design of the 2.5 mile Dodge Gap segment of the Louisville Loop through the Jefferson Memorial Forest. Building upon the previous efforts of the Jefferson Memorial Forest Master Plan, special attention was given to the unique character and historical context of the site. Its past as a former farm property, the challenging topography, and sensitive woodland and riparian habitats found throughout the Dodge Gap area were all important considerations to the layout. The design of the trail seeks to weave the alignment in a most sensitive manner through the landscape to take advantage of the natural topography, vegetation, enhanced views and various interpretive elements along its route for a diverse, scenic and educational user experience. As part of the McNeely Lake Park master plan effort, an extensive network of new roads, multi-use trails, hiking trails, and an enhanced equestrian trail system were proposed. A new scenic roadway provided access to trailheads and other park amenities and a 1.5 mile segment of the Louisville Loop Trail was being designed to connect the new road with the North Park use area.

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