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Lost Creek Farm Reserve / Knoop Agricultural Heritage Center

CLIENT: Miami County Park District


SCOPE: Master Plan & Design Development

STATUS: Completed 2015

Mark Knoop was the fifth generation of his family to live and work on this 400 acre parcel of land near Troy, Ohio. He donated the land to the Miami County Park District, in the interest of preserving the farm and using it to teach people about the integral relationship of agriculture and environment, as well as the rich history of his family’s uses there. Human Nature worked with Mark Knoop and the Park District to develop a Master Plan for the working farm. Included in the plan are strategies for reclaiming some areas of environmental interest or sensitivity and making certain farm practices and animals available for public interaction and educational programs. Following the Lost Creek farm master plan effort, Human Nature led a team with help from RWA Architects and the Miami County Park District on a design development plan for the Knoop Agricultural Heritage Center at Lost Creek Farm & Reserve. Honoring deep ties to the site’s agricultural past, the plan for the center serves to educate the public about the history of farming and its role moving forward into the 21st century. Sustainable farm practices, land management, crop & livestock production and environmental stewardship are central to the Heritage Center’s mission. The design includes educational gardens and greenhouse, a livestock barn, outdoor/ indoor classrooms, a community hall, new offices for the park district headquarters & related organizations, park maintenance facilities, stormwater retention pond and an on-site wastewater treatment plant utilizing an algae wheel.

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