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Green Umbrella Regional Trails Plan

CLIENT: Green Umbrella (Funded by Interact for Health)

LOCATION: Greater Cincinnati

SCOPE: Master Plan

STATUS: Completed 2014

In collaboration with the National Park Service, OKI, Great Parks of Hamilton County and a Steering Committee of trails advocates from throughout the region, Human Nature led the creation of the region’s first comprehensive trails plan authored by the trails community. The plan is the result of an exhaustive 8 month process that involved 12 public meetings in 9 counties, in 3 states that used GIS mapping to capture the dynamic dialogue. Accompanying the plan is a Model Resolution that counties, communities and organizations throughout the tri-state are using for adopting the plan. In April of 2014, the Regional Trails Plan and the Model Resolution were officially unveiled at the second annual Regional Trails Summit. The event marked a major milestone in the development of the regional trail network. Trail advocates came together to create the Regional Trails Alliance to make the vision become reality.

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