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Frankfort 2nd Street Streetscape

CLIENT: City of Frankfort

LOCATION: Frankfort, KY

SCOPE: Master Planning through Construction

STATUS: In Progress

Human Nature collaborated with Strand Associates on the redesign of the 2nd Street corridor in Frankfort. As part of a corridor-wide stormwater improvement project, the streetscape project is also intended to improve the safety, multi-modal usage, and appearance of the corridor. The design team performed an in-depth analysis of the project site, looking at traffic counts and patterns, pedestrian usage, stormwater flow, and cultural/historical assets. The resulting concept includes a road diet to reduce vehicular pavement while improving pedestrian walkways. A portion of the corridor will have a separated bike path to help minimize bike/car conflicts. An overly wide intersection will be reduced in width to slow traffic, simplify the intersection, and shorten the pedestrian crossing by almost half. Green infrastructure elements will help treat runoff. The streetscape aesthetic will celebrate the district’s history, community pride, and natural assets and create a unifying identity.

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