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Cleveland Woodland Central Green Infrastructure

CLIENT: Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

LOCATION: Cleveland, OH

SCOPE: Master Plan Through Construction

STATUS: In Progress

Human Nature was chosen to lead the design and implementation, of two large-scale green infrastruc-ture projects for the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District. These projects focus on two future green infrastructure sites referred to East Basin and West Basin. Together with Jacobs Engineering Group, Human Nature developed concepts for each site that features unique green infrastructure techniques that cap-tured storm runoff from the neighboring communities. Also, the design incorporated reused materials found on sites for pathways, signage and decorative elements throughout the site. Human Nature is providing a tailored, place-specific design approach to this major engineering feat by drawing inspiration from historic glacial, ecological, and hydrologic patterns of the region. To convey the vision for these state-of-the-art green infrastructure elements, Human Nature has developed a distinctive combination of graphics including plans, sections, and 3D renderings to help convey the design.

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