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Mt. Storm Revitalization

CLIENT: Cincinnati Park Board & Cincinnati Parks Foundation

LOCATION: Cincinnati, OH

SCOPE: Master Plan Phase 1

STATUS: Master Plan Phase 1 (complete)

Human Nature collaborated with the Cincinnati Park Board and Cincinnati Parks Foundation to restore some of Adolph Strauch’s original design intent from the historic Bowler Estate where the park now resides. The vision shines a light on Mt. Storm Park as a unique and special place in the park system - emphasizing its history, design, views, special features and landscape as a cohesive story that can be shared with the community. Further, it re-establishes some of the original garden design framework and artculated view windows that frame sight lines to major features and scenic vistas that accentuate the topography of the hilltop and overlook the valley below. The framework serves as a guide for future plantings and maintenance and explores the opportunities of Mt. Storm as a laboratory for the study of landscape design and horticulture.

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