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MedPace Campus - Madison Square

CLIENT: RBM Development

LOCATION: Cincinnati, OH

SCOPE: Master Planning Through Construction

STATUS: In Progress

MedPace is one of the fastest growing corporations in the Greater Cincinnati region, and Human Nature has been working with Gresham Smith, Brandstetter-Carroll and RBM on the master planning and detailed design for the expansion and build-out of their campus in Madisonville. Because of the significant and rapid growth, what started to be a traditional out-parcel growth strategy quickly turned into more of a dense, mixed-use urban campus. The core will be a Food Hall, surrounded by dynamic civic spaces for outdoor gathering, wellness and events. The campus core is connected outwardly to surrounding office buildings through a series of contemporary vectors and bold landscapes that help reinforce the company’s innovative brand and youthful workforce. In addition, a series of walking trails, designed as nested loops of different distances, encourages employees and visitors to get out and walk the campus. In the future, an enhanced bikeway and streetscape will connect MedPace’s campus to the historic Madisonville Business District.

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