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Kenton County KDOW Caywood Courtyard

CLIENT: Kenton County School District & Kentucky Department of Water

LOCATION: Edgewood, KY

SCOPE: Master Plan Through Construction

STATUS: Completed 2014

Human Nature collaborated with Strand Associates to design and implement an outdoor classroom and courtyard for Caywood Elementary located at the Kenton County School District Edgewood Campus. The goal of the project was to provide stormwater management benefits while creating a place for students and teachers to learn in an outdoor environment. The team interacted with teachers and students to discover their needs and desires for the courtyard. Out of those discussions, the team developed a concept that included a rain garden that captured and treated roof runoff, brick seatwalls that incorporated student-made tiles, a 400-gallon rain barrel, raised beds, compost bins, storage shed, trellises for climbing plants, places for student gatherings, and a variety of native plantings selected for drought tolerance. Two pathways give students options for accessing the garden features. Teachers hope to involve students in the care and maintenance of the courtyard plants.

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