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Evendale / I-75 Improvements

CLIENT: City of Evendale

LOCATION: Evendale, OH

SCOPE: Master Planning through Schematic Design

STATUS: Completed 2016

Human Nature collaborated with IBI Group, Kolar Design, and the City of Evendale to envision a stronger and more unified expression of Evendale’s brand at prominent gateways along the I-75 corridor. A robust audit and analysis phase helped to prioritize a menu of potential improvements that would enhance visitor experience and elevate Evendale’s presence on the interstate. Proposed improvements respond to the high-speed comings and goings of the highway with large-scale, bold and dramatic interstate wall, landscape and overpass enhancements. The volume of the enhancements crescendo at Glendale-Milford Road, where gracefully sweeping rails grow into iconic gateway towers to announce to visitors “You have arrived!” Wayfinding and signage is carefully integrated into the built forms to communicate Evendale’s presence during the day as well as at night.

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