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Covington, KY Riverfront Opportunities Overlay

CLIENT: City of Covington

LOCATION: Covington, KY

SCOPE: Opportunities Overlay

STATUS: Completed 2016

AWARDS: Cincinnati Design Awards 2016

Human Nature collaborated with Woolpert, Inc. to elevate Covington’s riverfront as a vibrant civic asset and vital component of a unified regional riverfront experience. The opportunities overlay strategy celebrates the riverfront as a regional hub for civic gathering and recreation with unique amenities that complement - rather than compete with - the other riverfront parks. Strengthening physical and visual connections between the central riverfront, Covington’s main districts and Cincinnati’s riverfront, the strategy seeks to enhance the pedestrian experience by layering human-scale components and a place- specific narrative through bold gateway and feature elements and public art. The site design components integrate with enduring flood control measures seamlessly for ease of long-term maintenance. The strategies elevate and influence the standard for land use in future urban core and riverfront developments.

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