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Cleveland Lakeshore Planning

CLIENT: St. Clair Superior Development Corporation

LOCATION: Cleveland, OH

SCOPE: Charrette

STATUS: Charrette Completed 2017

Spurred by the decommissioning and demolition of the former First Energy power plant site, over 30 participants from 20 organizations participated in animated conversations with ideas for improvements to the Lake Erie waterfront along Cleveland’s east side. Human Nature guided the conversation with a focus on the special qualities of place. The group’s consensus was that a new vision and coordinated approach to development can transform the under-appreciated lakefront into a first rate asset for the adjacent neighborhoods, the city of Cleveland, and the region. The First Energy site provides an opportunity to connect the community to the water. Redevelopment can provide a vibrant lakefront with public amenities, attractions, and a spectrum of options for working and living along Lake Erie.

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