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Associate Principal

Visualization Specialist


Ryan is a Landscape Architect with cross-discipline education in architecture. This broadened perspective lends itself well to complex urban design and place-making, where multiple cultural, social, natural and historical influences often intersect in the built environment. He regularly collaborates with civic groups, community stakeholders, and multi-disciplinary design and technical teams to develop enduring connections between people and places. As an adjunct professor at the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP, Ryan co-founded the Vacant Lots: Occupied (VLO) platform to align private, public, and academic collaborators to support local communities in re-envisioning the best and highest use of under-utilized parcels. The program has received a number of local and state awards for its effective planning and transformation of underutilized parcels for maximum social and environmental impact. Further, Ryan’s strong visual communication skills help convey complex conceptual and technical ideas to broad and diverse audiences. His compelling visualization has a proven track record of garnering community support and assisting fundraising.

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