Monastery Chapel Garden

project description

Human Nature collaborated with Towne Properties and Bayer Becker to breathe new life  into an historic landmark. For over thirty years, the monastery chapel lay dormant, a sleeping relic of an historic monastic community that served the region for over 100 years. Reborn, the chapel has transformed into a dynamic space that serves the corporate headquarters of the owner, Cincinnati’s premier event center, and Mt. Adams residential community. The new chapel garden plaza channels the old soul of the historic landmark and captures Mt. Adams’ charming European hilltop flair with a simple and sophisticated material and plant palette, sensitivity to the powerful underlying design principles organizing the site, and attention to proportion, balance, and enduring beauty. Classic materials -- including stone, metal, water, wood, and light -- honor the modesty and timelessness of the enduring landmark.






Cincinnati, OH

project phase

Master Plan through Implementation

urban plaza & garden


Towne Properties