UC Teachers College / Dyer Hall Renovation

project description

Human Nature worked with Champlin Architects and the University of Cincinnati to develop a site master plan for Teachers College/Dyer Hall.   The master plan includes design concepts for a large courtyard space in the heart of the building complex and a series of smaller sub-spaces around the periphery of the building.  The central courtyard offers a large gathering space that encourages social interaction for a variety of group sizes, provides multiple opportunities for outdoor classrooms, defines a meditation garden, and provides visual and physical access to the building entrance from the campus main street.  Other designed spaces/elements  include an improved entrance and courtyard on the eastern side of the building, and a reforested “ravine” landscape along the south side of the building. LEED certification was the goal for the building, and the site played a significant role in achieving this goal.


University of Cincinnati


Cincinnati, OH

project phases

Master Plan through Implementation

campus environments