Clark Montessori High School

project description

Human Nature collaborated with a multi-disciplinary team led by Glaserworks to develop a site master plan and construction documents for Clark Montessori, one of the greenest schools in the CPS system. This LEED Gold project includes a number of sustainable site features such as extensive and intensive green roofs, stormwater planters, a rain garden, a bioswale, permeable pavers, and porous concrete. Additionally, a gabion retaining wall was filled with the rubble from the former school building. The 2.3 acre site plan also preserved much of the existing vegetation and added many more plants to enhance the garden-like character of the campus. A formal entry promenade provides a drop-off zone for students, a strong connection to the sports field, and stormwater planters that capture, treat, and infiltrate runoff from the adjacent pavements.  The site also includes a bike path to the street and bike racks near the front door to encourage bicycle commuting.


Cincinnati Public Schools


Cincinnati, Ohio

project phases

Master Plan through Implementation

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